Top 3 Successful B2B Lead Generation Ideas

Sahanee Keandra
August 01, 2015

A business without the right leads is very much like a car without an engine; no matter what kind of fuel you put into it, it’s not going anywhere fast. However, generating leads isn't easy and trying to acquire leads in the B2B space makes it all that much more difficult. Before you can start to acquire B2B leads and turn them into customers, you’ll need some inspiration – some ideas on where to start?

Here are the 3 best B2B lead generation ideas and how to turn them into best practice lead generation programs.

1. Designing your website to optimize prospect acquisition and nurturing.

If your website design is more than 3 years old than chances are that it is not optimized for lead generation. Here are 5 tips for better lead generation results:

  • Use customer-focused navigation that targets prospect needs and pains so they can find what they want to know.
  • Provide customer-focused content that targets each stage in a prospects decision process so you can attract and acquire prospects at each stage.
  • Make sure you use multiple calls to action with different levels of commitment from subscribe, to download, to get a quote, to contact us and more.
  • Create sales readiness qualification pages including pricing or budgeting tools. This is content that almost all prospect search for.
  • Use lead generation page design templates that include dynamic content and lead generation sidebars.

2. B2B search engine optimization that targets buyer intent and goes beyond standard SEO strategies and link-building to:

  • Target long-tail (2+) solution keywords.
  • Match customer needs and pains language.
  • Provide meta description content that will convert qualified searches into qualified traffic.
  • Match the right prospect acquisition offers and content to the right search terms.
  • Develop cornerstone content themes that target your most valuable keyword strings and give your website subject matter authority, domain authority, and page authority.

3. Email marketing that nurtures prospect activity and qualifies their sales readiness

The traditional B2B email newsletter has lost much of its marketing effectiveness. It is no longer enough to get into a prospect’s email box every month with boring newsletter content. To generate B2B leads you need to engage your prospects with the right content at the right moment. Here is how to do it:

  • Offer content that targets what prospects want to know at each stage of their decision process and let the prospect choose what is most relevant to them.
  • Immediately follow-up on prospect activity with relevant content and calls to action that let them qualify their sales readiness.
  • If they start to go cold offer them engagement content designed to interest them rather than qualify them.
  • Spend less time trying to guess at drip campaign logic by starting with simple but effective nurturing programs and then optimizing them based on in-market results.
  • Design your email templates to generate engagement and measure prospect activity and sales readiness qualification. In other words make it easy for them to find relevant content, click and even unsubscribe!
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