How To Generate 1000's of Leads in 3 Months

Sahanee Keandra
July 15, 2015

Are you struggling to generate leads for your business? I’m about to show you a way to do that easily, using a marketing intelligence technique that is rarely discussed. No matter what your business model is, this technique will work as a charm for you. All you need is a website with some reasonable monthly traffic.

Online lead generation has changed. Today’s marketers are being challenged to generate more leads at a faster pace – leads that are of high quality and ready for sales. And, if you don’t move fast enough, your competitors will eat your lunch. However, with the availability of data and the know-how to drive action from this data, marketers can work smarter and faster to optimize the lead generation funnel.

So let's say you’re a marketer who is effectively driving traffic to your company's website using blogging, SEO and social media. But once you get that traffic, then what? Are you able to convert most of your website visitors? If not, do you analyze your visitor’s flow to find out when, where and why they are leaving your website?

According to a study, only 2% of all web visitors will ever call or submit a web form.

So, what about the other 98%?

That's where Website Visitor Tracking tools like LeadzGen come into play. These tools can automatically identify the other 98% of your website visitors. This data can be very powerful for your sales effort.

Google Analytics vs. Website Visitor Tracking Tool:

A basic website analytics (e.g. Google Analytic) provides you a lot of valuable information, but not necessarily the kind of information that your sales team needs or can use on a daily basis (e.g. name, email, phone, etc). A website visitors tracking tool helps you go beyond page views to get real-time marketing and sales intelligence. It allows you to track the following analytics about your leads:

  • Who is visiting your website? (and their contact details)
  • When they are visiting?
  • Which pages they are viewing?
  • What content they are downloading?

Understanding the interests of your leads help you to be more targeted and relevant and offer the right content in the right context.

VIDEO: Marketing Success Story

Website Visitors Tracking tools can surely help you discover 1000's of leads in a few months, however there's a Maths involved (More Visitors = More Leads). The more website traffic you have, the more leads will be discovered by these tools. Here's how my dashboard looks like after 4 months.

Have you ever tried any Website Visitor Tracking or Marketing Intelligence tool? Please do share your thoughts.

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